Alvin Williams

Alvin Williams talks about the advantages of using fresh ingredients from local farmers and fisherman.

Alvin Williams has owned and operated Cobalt Grille since its conception in October 2000. He has always had a passion for fine cuisine. Born and raised in Leeds, England by Jamaican parents, his knowledge of cuisine and ingredients was quite diverse.

After finishing Culinary School at the top of the class, he then went on to work in London in some of the finest establishments including the Mayfair hotel, The Savoy Group and a long stint at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane.

He then moved to the United States to fulfill one of his childhood dreams, to own his own restaurant. First he worked at Le Chambord and Bistro in Virginia Beach for many years, honing his skills in a new market whilst building up a very loyal clientele. He then went on to open Cobalt Grille. Since then he has owned, operated and consulted on other restaurant projects throughout Tidewater. Alvin has been featured in local and national newspaper and magazine articles. Cooked on local TV spots, taught cooking classes and has been involved in numerous charity events. Currently other than focusing on Cobalt Grille he likes to do some catering, explore fine wines, enjoys travel and just very recently did a little Ballroom dancing. He is committed to using the freshest ingredients and supports local farmers.

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