Classic French Wine Dinner! Thursday February 28th 2019

Thursday February 28th

6.45pm Reception 7pm Dinner

French wine Dinner
Thursday February 28th, 6.45pm Rose Reception, 7pm Dinner.
Greetings from Cobalt Grille,
This month we venture back to one of our favorite wine countries; France!
We have some awesome Classic French wine varietals and regions lined up for you.
France has been making wine since approximately 600 BC and was its largest producer until it was passed by Italy in 2008.  With over 800,000 hectares under vine, it has the largest vineyard area in the world after Spain.
It is, however, the world’s largest producer of fine wines. One advantage France has over other wine-producing countries is the great variety of growing climates it encompasses. Its south has a Mediterranean climate, with a warm sun that can be relied on to fully ripen grapes. Western France, which includes the Loire Valley, enjoys the mellowing
influence of the Gulf Stream. In eastern France, the climate is more continental, giving us the great wine-producing regions of Burgundy, Champagne, and Alsace.
So please join Chef Alvin Williams, Sommelier Arden Allen and
another French Classic…… Jean-Francois Deschamps of Monsieur Touton Wines.
We are looking forward to sharing this 6 course, 6 wines Food & Wine Pairing with you.
Arrival: Rivarose Sparkling Rose, ProvenceFirst Course- Moulles-Frites.
Chateau Carre Chenin Blanc ‘17, Loire

Second Course- Fried Oysters & Spinach Salad
Willm Pinot Gris ’17, Alsace

Third Course- Salmon, Farro, bacon roasted
sprouts, cranberry demi-glaze
Chanson “Le Bourgogne” Pinot Noir ’15, Burgundy

Intermezzo- Pomme verte Sorbet

Main Course- Filet of Beef, Shiitake &
Truffle French beans.

Chateau Les Fermenteaux ’15, Bordeaux
Brotte, Esprit Barville ’16, Cotes du Rhone

Dessert- Café Chocolate with Pecan crumble

When: Thursday, February 28th, 6.45pm Reception 7pm Dinner
Where: Cobalt Grille oh la la!
Why: Because it’s deeelicious!
Please make reservations early to avoid disappointment 757-333-3334
$75 per person tax & gratuity not included.
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